Pressing Questions that Affect Us All

MarineGEO is the first and only worldwide network to study the land-sea interface, a critical area where marine life is at its most abundant and the effects of human activity are most pronounced. The initiative brings together a diverse array of disciplines—biological sciences, ecology, biogeochemistry, paleoecology, geology, anthropology, and archaeology—to conduct coordinated experiments that measure the biodiversity of near-shore marine ecosystems.

Using biomolecular technology, emerging digital imaging techniques, and other cutting-edge methods to gather and analyze unprecedented amounts of data, researchers ask questions that are at the heart of human existence. The answers will affect us all.

Research Questions

  • How much biodiversity do coastal seas hold now, how is it changing, and why is that important to us?
  • What are the key drivers of change?
  • How do humans and natural forces affect the structure and functioning of coastal marine communities?
  • How will changing the biodiversity and function of coastal habitats affect the many benefits the ocean provides to human societies?
  • How can knowledge of the past help us sustain resilient, modern marine systems?
  • What is the prognosis for the future and how do we identify tipping points in time to avert them?
  • What data will best assist management and policy decision makers in maintaining coastal ecosystem function and health?