Get Involved

There are many ways to be involved in supporting the work to better understand our oceans.

Interested in being a scientific collaborator or a partner site in the network?

Each site will be a regional catalyst for multi-institutional research, student training, citizen science, and public engagement, as well as serving as a gateway to parallel activities at other observatories around the globe. Understanding the strength and economy of scale in partnerships, the Smithsonian designed this initiative to build long-term strategic collaborations with scientists, existing research programs, government agencies, universities, NGOs, and national museums. Please email if you are potentially interested in collaborating or partnering and would like to know more.

Interested in fellowship and internship opportunities?

A number of competitive postdoctoral fellowships are awarded annually through the Smithsonian’s Office of Fellowship and Grants. Research internships are also available, schedule and funding permitting. Please email with inquiries regarding internships.