Significant Outcomes with a Powerful Impact

This initiative will:

  • Utilize diverse disciplines and methods—biological sciences, ecology, biogeochemistry, paleoecology, geology, anthropology, and archaeology—as well as coordinated experiments, emerging technologies, and cutting-edge models to create the first integrated approach to understanding coastal ecosystems.
  • Employ long-term standardized observations and experimentation to build the first comprehensive worldwide database on physical characteristics and biodiversity.
  • Support innovative sustainability solutions, advance ocean management and protection, and help to better understand
    • how marine biodiversity varies through time and space
    • how human activities affect biodiversity—and vice versa
    • how to avoid critical tipping points into degraded ecosystems
    • how to better manage the consequences of human activities and global change.
  • Expand the network, from the poles to the tropics, through strategic partnerships to establish ten sites within five years.
  • Inspire and help educate the next generation of marine scientists and stewards of the ocean through fellowships and educational partners, and engage people at all levels in classrooms, museums, and in the field.