Jacob Metzger

Network Central Technician


For fifteen years, Jacob Metzger has been working as a marine researcher and scientific diver in a diverse range of environments and disciplines. This work has included subtidal resource monitoring in California’s kelp forests, coral restoration and recovery efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands, hypoxia research in Oregon, and subsistence salmon fishery management in Alaska. Most recently, Jacob completed his M.S. from the University of Alaska – Fairbanks. There, he investigated how Aleutian Island kelp forest communities have changed with the loss of sea otters and the widespread establishment of sea urchin barrens.

Aside from his scientific endeavors, Jacob has had a long and intimate connection with the ocean and its resources. Jacob grew up in Alaska, fishing for salmon from early age; now he is avid diver (both personally and professionally) and part-time commercial fisherman. These activities have cemented, for him, the importance of healthy oceans not only for human interest, but for health and vitality of the species that live there. As the world’s oceans continue to change, understanding how marine and human communities will be impacted, and how this impact might be minimized or mitigated, is vitally important and a key driver of Jacob’s participation in the MarineGEO program.