Jack Olson

Jack joined MarineGEO in fall 2020 as the Chesapeake Bay site technician. He is responsible for organizing and conducting all MarineGEO sampling activities in the bay near the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland. Jack’s first exposure to marine science came during a semester abroad in Bonaire in 2011. In subsequent years, he worked as a field research technician in Shark Bay, Australia, and later as a fisheries observer in Alaska and Costa Rica. In 2018, Jack
completed a master’s degree at the University of Puerto Rico where his thesis assessed the recovery of formerly fished populations in an offshore marine reserve. Prior to joining MarineGEO, Jack worked for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for two years where he studied the recruitment dynamics of coral reef fishes in the Florida Keys. His research interests include the population dynamics of marine fishes and trophic ecology in fisheries ecosystems.