Trusted Leadership

  • The Smithsonian conducts innovative, long-term research designed to understand change in both terrestrial and coastal communities.
  • We have active marine laboratories and field research facilities in coastal ecosystems.
  • We have a global reach of current research programs, partnerships, and relationships.
  • We are leaders in museum and data management and have the expertise to curate collections, data, and archives for long-term applications by current and future generations.
  • We regularly convene leaders in science, policy, government, and education and have partnerships with institutions around the globe.
  • We have leadership, strength, and breadth in marine sciences, with more than 50 marine scientists across the core disciplines needed for success: biology, ecology, biogeochemistry, anthropology, archaeology, paleoecology, and geology.
  • We have a vast track record of success with this type of large-scale, coordinated research, as demonstrated by Forest Global Earth Observatories (ForestGEO), a model project of land plots around the globe where scientists have been studying forest dynamics for 35 years, revolutionizing forest ecology.