The United Oceans

Our vision: Healthy and diverse coastal ecosystems, 
revealed through networked science
and safeguarded by an informed society


The Marine Global Earth Observatory (MarineGEO) is a growing global network, led by the Smithsonian and uniting a community of diverse partners. We collaborate to understand how marine ecosystems work and how to keep them working, using standardized tools and sharing our data to answer big questions. We believe each of us achieves more, better science together. 

MarineGEO is global platform for research

MarineGEO unites partners and sites around the world. Our strategy builds out initially from pole to pole along the Americas, then expands along parallel latitudinal gradients on other ocean coasts, including the Indo-West Pacific and Europe.  These transects capture major global axes in marine biodiversity and environments, fostering powerful comparative research. Together we’re building a flexible, adaptive research program on the framework of standardized, long-term observing that encourages locally relevant research.

MarineGEO is a community

The Smithsonian and our partners share responsibility for the network. Smithsonian’s Tennenbaum Marine Observatory Network leads and coordinates research in concert with our partner sites; provides tools, training, and opportunities; manages shared data; and convenes the network for interaction and synthesis at regular intervals. Partner institutions provide local expertise, lead research at their sites, and muster the resources and person-power to support network science locally. 

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MarineGEO is founded on shared values

Do it together. We are a community, committed to supporting each other and to following the best ideas regardless of their source. We achieve more together than we can individually. 

Lead the way. We work with purpose, striving to nurture a global community that takes on challenges and breaks new ground, using the best science to build open-source knowledge of how marine ecosystems work, and supporting the people who build it. 
Discover the secrets. We are driven by curiosity to know and understand ocean life and ecosystems, how they are changing, humanity’s place in the world, and how to use that knowledge for the common good. We take a long view, go wherever the evidence leads, and explore new ways to get there. 

Share information for solutions. We share our tools, open-source knowledge, and stories to understand and communicate the value of coastal ecosystems and to inform action. 

Respect nature and people. We respect the inherent worth of nature and the dignity and safety of all people. We treat one another with respect and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment. Wherever we are, the people we work with are equal partners. 

Advance and grow. We work individually, collectively, and tirelessly to master our craft and impact, improving ourselves and the world.