A Global Partnership

Marine Global Earth Observatory (MarineGEO) is a growing global partnership between the Smithsonian and diverse collaborators. The Smithsonian Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network (TMON) directs and coordinates the research efforts of the growing network of MarineGEO sites. TMON has a director, technical and support staff, and several advisory committees. 

The Smithsonian's existing marine stations serve as TMON’s initial core research sites:

The first partnership sites of MarineGEO in non-Smithsonian facilities are:

TMON is also working to establish partner sites around the world, from the polar seas to the tropical oceans and across the major ocean basins—Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian. 

Partners will collaborate to sustain the long-term network with in-kind contributions of field access, students, facilities, and local expertise. A flexible, adaptive research program encourages initiation of locally relevant research built around standard measurements conducted at all sites.