Significant Outcomes with a Powerful Impact

The MarineGEO initiative is lifting the veil on the living ocean’s hidden diversity:

  • We integrate diverse disciplines—ecology, genomics, biogeochemistry, paleoecology, anthropology—and emerging technologies to create the first integrated approach to understanding coastal ecosystems.
  • We marry a web of long-term observations and experiments to diagnose the causes and consequences of change in marine life, ecosystems, and resources.
  • We support innovative solutions to protect, manage, and sustain, ocean life and better understand
    • how and why marine biodiversity varies around the globe and through time
    • how human activities affect marine life—and vice versa
    • how to better manage the consequences of human activities and global change.
  • We will expand the network, from the poles to the tropics, focusing on the Americas, through strategic partnerships to establish 20 sites by 2020.
  • We help raise the next generation of marine scientists and ocean stewards through fellowships and educational partnerships, and engage people at all levels through Smithsonian’s world-class museums and public education.