Director of the Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network


I’ve been fascinated with the mysterious and beautiful life of the sea since I was a kid. When I was in college I realized to my delight that I could make a living studying its amazing creatures so I became a marine biologist. I was lucky enough to join the faculty of the College of William and Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science, where I had a wonderful career teaching bright students and conducting research for almost 20 years.

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Organizations & Partners

The Marine Global Earth Observatory (MarineGEO) is a growing global partnership between the Smithsonian and diverse collaborators. The Smithsonian's Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network (TMON) directs and coordinates the research program across the MarineGEO network. TMON leads with its director, technical and support staff, and advisory committees. 

The Smithsonian's marine stations serve as TMON’s core research sites and a research and development lab for the rest of the network:

Why Smithsonian

  • The Smithsonian is a world leader in innovative, long-term research to understand global change on land and sea.
  • The Smithsonian operates active marine laboratories and field research facilities in coastal ecosystems.
  • The Smithsonian has global reach—in research, partnerships, and education.
  • The Smithsonian leads in museum and data management, curating collections, data, and archives for long-term applications by current and future generations.

Program Overview

The ocean’s diverse marine life provides us with food, livelihoods, recreation, and inspiration. But our seas are changing rapidly, and we don’t fully understand the consequences. In many regions we don’t even know what we have or what we’re losing.

MarineGEO is pioneering a collaborative network of worldwide coastal research partners to catalog the world’s coastal marine life, understand how and why it’s changing, and the consequences of change for people. TMON directs and coordinates these research efforts and recruits new partners around the world.

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