Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor, Washington, USA


The Friday Harbor MarineGEO site is based at the Friday Harbor Labs (University of Washington), centrally located within the Salish Sea, an inland waterbody spanning 18,000 square kilometers from southern British Columbia to Washington State. Salish Sea waters are highly productive, with strong seasonal influence from major freshwater inputs like the Fraser River. With population centers in Seattle, Vancouver, Tacoma, Everett, and Victoria, the Salish Sea is also home to over 8 million people, many of whom rely on the marine environment for culturally and economically valuable ecosystem services.

Although marine biodiversity has been a focal point of research at the Friday Harbor Labs since its founding in 1904, the site is a relatively new addition to the MarineGEO network. Data collection beginning in summer 2020 will initially focus on kelp and eelgrass beds, with the aim of building on past and ongoing survey activities in the region to collaboratively advance knowledge of the patterns and drivers of biodiversity in the Salish Sea.

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