Eliza Heery

MarineGEO Hogan Postdoctoral Scholar for Salish Sea Research

Eliza is a MarineGEO postdoctoral fellow based at Friday Harbor Labs in Washington State. Her work focuses on the effects of urbanization in the marine environment. She has studied a range of topics within this area of focus – from urban-related distribution patterns of giant Pacific octopus, reef-building corals, and kelps, to the effects of artificial structures on surrounding soft-sediments. As a postdoc with MarineGEO, she is examining species interactions and functional traits of algal turfs – a groups of seaweeds that are rapidly expanding on urban coasts and are structurally less complex than foundation species they replace, resulting in biodiversity losses. By better understanding the factors influencing turf dominance, she aims to develop new models and tools for restoring ecosystem functioning in urban areas and preventing functional losses on shorelines where human population density is on the rise. Eliza completed her PhD at the University of Washington in 2017 and served as a postdoctoral fellow at the National University of Singapore for two years before joining MarineGEO in 2019. Part of her role as a MarineGEO postdoc is to initiate long-term monitoring programs on kelp and eelgrass beds in the Salish Sea and help integrate the Friday Harbor Labs into MarineGEO as a new network partner. Her individual research and monitoring program development work are made possible by generous support from Nancy Hogan.

Advisors: Emmett Duffy and Megan Dethier