Alex Lowe

MarineGEO Postdoctoral Fellow

Prior to starting my postdoc with MarineGEO, I did my PhD in Seattle at the University of Washington with Dr. Jennifer Ruesink, and worked at the Friday Harbor Labs in the San Juan Islands, WA, as a lab manager for an NSF funded research group under Dr. David Duggins and Dr. Megan Dethier. Before my time at FHL, I completed a Master's degree in the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara with Drs. Robin Ross and Langdon Quetin. Through these diverse perspectives I have developed a unique ecosystem-based approach to understanding the influence of environmental variability on individuals and ecological interactions. By studying ecosystem processes occurring at multiple scales of organization within a specific environment, I hope to improve our collective ability to support healthy ecosystem function now and in the future.

As a MarineGEO postdoc I am studying how ecosystem metabolism regulates carbonate chemistry along our coasts. Using comparative observations of habitat-scale pH and carbon dioxide changes across multiple ecosystems, I am working to improve our understanding of how carbonate chemistry influences, and responds to, local ecosystem function. 

Advisors: Whitman Miller, Rachel Collin, Andy Chang